Refined Manufacturing, Reliable Quality

Lanmage places a lot of impetus on ensuring quality and has established a comprehensive 360° quality management system that covers R&D, procurement, manufacturing and services, to guarantee product quality throughout the process, in all aspects and for all staff.

We adhere to the concept of "Quality begins with R&D". At the initial phase of product development, customer requirements are collected and extensively analyzed. In the research and development phase, several tests are conducted, and a number of special technical laboratories have been established to support the testing and improve quality management efficiency. In all of the special technical laboratories, the company strictly follows ISO 9001/13485 and other related quality systems, and implements regulations and rules that conform to CE and other standards in its design and development, test review, prototype trial production, etc., so as to comprehensively guarantee effective, safe and reliable products.

Rigorous Testing, Assured Quality

Lanmage’s manufacturing base is located in Shenzhen, and has several product production lines. The company operates high-precision, digital equipment-based top precision machinery processing plants. Lanmage applies a vertically integrated production model to promote scientific and rigorous management in every link of the supply chain and the manufacturing chain, and to improve production efficiency while better controlling quality and reducing risks.

Every product undergoes rigorous testing before being delivered from the factory such as component testing, functional testing, aging testing, finished product quality inspection FQC, finished product inspection OQC, etc. The Manufacturing Department prepares Statistical Manufacturing Control (SPC) charts, captures previous day data fluctuations, analyzes abnormal trends, improves process control capabilities and ensures the quality and stability of each product on a daily basis.

International quality system safety certifications that the company has passed: