Lightweight and Mobility

Slimmest Body Design in the Industry :

The height of the complete equipment is only about half that of an adult, which ensures the technician’s sight is not  obstructed. 

Electric Motion Booster :

The function of electric motion booster is specifically designed for female users, enables easy  to move the unit with one hand.

Bedside Micro-control :

The ending design of x-ray tube  enables easier to manage the movement and rotation of the system, and enables it to any positions that users want. 

Superb Incline Movement Ability :

The new driving device and super power motor,  provides excellent and powerful performance and achieves maximum inclined angle up to 12°. 

Full-positioning Operation with One-Hand :

With one-hand and one-key  unlocks the 5-axle simultaneous operation, the x-ray tube supports 360° full coverage and is able to suspend  at any height as according to the user requirements. 


Robust Endurance

1-Year Power-off Standby :

The device can remain in standby mode under power-off status for up to 1 year.

Two Exposure Modes :

Built-in battery exposure and 110/220V power supply exposure.

Super-Fast 3-Hour Charging (Optional) :

Supports super-fast 3-hour charging mode to charge the battery from 0 to 100%; requires 5 hours for regular charging.

Infinite Possibilities

One-plate Sharing (Optional) :

Additional portable acquisition system, which enables sharing to other X-ray machine or mobile X-ray machine applications using one plate. 

Four Exposure Modes :

Hand brake, wireless remote control, software timer and visualization Pad.

Radio Frequency Remote Control :

Adopts radio frequency signal transmission with an effective distance up to 15 meters, which avoids signal obstruction due to walls. 

High Precision Anti-collision System :

On encountering obstacles, the system applies the brake immediately, effectively protecting the safety of equipment and pedestrians.  

Optional chest-radiography stand and mobile imaging bed, DAP.


Smart & Security

Flat panel detector fingerprint unlock 

Facial recognition login

Voice interaction