Lanmage rated as national high-tech enterprise


We are a national high-tech enterprise

At the beginning of the New Year, Shenzhen Lanmage Medical Technology Co., Ltd. was identified as a national high-tech enterprise, and received the national high-tech enterprise certificate!

To be certified as a national high-tech enterprise, corresponding indicators such as scientific and technological personnel, research and development personnel, independent intellectual property rights, and the transformation ability of scientific and technological achievements in the enterprise, are strictly reviewed and assessed.

Lanmage successfully passed the certification thanks to its consistent adherence to innovation, and continuous research and development and transformation of technical achievements. The company has established core independent intellectual property rights, and has set up a highly active and innovative research and development team, through efficient and orderly management.

We are a high-tech enterprise in Shenzhen

Nearly a year ago, Lanmage passed the certification of high-tech enterprise in Shenzhen. To be identified as a national high-tech enterprise, so soon is a recognition of Lanmage’s strength in research and development. 

Lanmage insists on independent innovation and has mastered core technologies. It invests 10% of its annual sales in research and development every year. So far, Lanmage owns more than 130 national patents.

Lanmage continuous to define new standards in medical image quality and efficiency, and is rapidly launching 3 to 6 high-quality new products every year, with each product using on average 10 patented technologies. 

Lanmage’s NO.1 in China

Lanmage’s core team is made up of the first group of participants in the development of medical devices in China, and has created several “No. 1s” in the history of medical devices in China:

China’s first ceiling-suspended DR with independent intellectual property rights.

China’s first fully automatic ceiling-suspended DR with independent intellectual property rights.

China’s first mobile DR with independent intellectual property rights.

China’s first multi-functional digital radiography system with independent intellectual property rights (Dynamic DR).

China’s first batch of color ultrasound diagnostic systems with independent intellectual property rights.

Ranked first in total score for selection of excellent medical equipment by National Health and Family Planning Commission.


Lanmage has time and again broken the monopoly of foreign medical enterprises, covered the gaps in domestic technologies, and promoted and led the development of medical imaging technology in China, making it into an industry benchmark when it comes to independent research and development.

Innovation starts with dialogue

At Lanmage, innovation starts with dialogue. We have a deep insight into clinical needs, pay attention to and listen to the voice of medical groups, explore effective solutions, ensure the practicability and accessibility of programs, and have achieved breakthroughs in integrating clinical and technical applications.

As the “center for medical imaging in Shenzhen”, Lanmage works closely with the government to study and explore the development of future imaging technologies and concepts.

As the “center for engineering technology research in Shenzhen”, Lanmage achieves engineering orientation of new technologies, and leads and drives the development of multiple industry regulations and standards.

High-tech enterprises are an important foundation for the development of high-tech industry, a new force for adjusting the industrial structure and improving national competitiveness and occupy a very important strategic position in China’s economic development. For more than ten years, governments at all levels have attached great importance to high-tech enterprises.

Today, Lanmage has won many honorary titles including “National High-tech Enterprise”, “High-tech Enterprise in Shenzhen”, “Center for Engineering Technology Research and Development in Shenzhen”, “Grade AAA Enterprise in Quality, Service and Integrity”, and first batch of “Demonstration Base of Guangdong Ministry of Education for the Industry-University-Research Combination”. However, there is a long way to go, and we still need to make more arduous efforts to achieve greater success. 

In 2017, Lanmage will stay true to its mission and continue to run forward on the road of innovation!

  • National High-tech Certificate

  • Shenzhen High-tech Certificate

  • Keep moving, keep innovating

  • Determined to be the best in China