Lanmage completes Hunan batch project ahead of schedule


Undertake Hunan community-oriented medical equipment subsidy project

The 2018 Hunan provincial community-oriented medical equipment subsidy project was a centralized procurement project conducted by Hunan Provincial Commission of Health and Family Planning, to accelerate the improvement and level of community-oriented medical services and alleviate problems of difficulties and high cost faced by ordinary people when it comes to receiving medical treatment.

Leveraging its innovative technology, reliable quality, high-quality service and excellent brand, Lanmage won the bid to provide 77 sets of DR and 55 sets of color ultrasound equipment, shouldering and important task of serving community-oriented medical treatment in Hunan.

Keep the mission in mind, live up to great trust

Limited time: As per plan, 6 engineers were required to complete the installation and training for 132 sets of equipment in 45 days, that is, on average, at least three sets of equipment needed to be installed every day. Wide coverage: Nine prefecture-level cities including Changsha, Yiyang, Huaihua, Zhuzhou, etc. Transportation difficulties: Community-based hospitals are mostly located in remote mountainous regions, far away from each other, and lack accessible transportation. These were some of the challenges that the engineers had to face in implementing this project.

However, at the ceremony before setting out, the engineers still took a solemn oath, “Keep the mission in mind and live up to the great trust!"

Completed batch installation task two weeks in advance!

Despite the urgent and heavy task, the engineers continued to provide high-level professional service as usual. The 6 engineers and 4 of their colleagues from the Ultrasound Marketing Department worked hard for 31 days and nights, traveling to more than 100 hospitals in 9 prefecture-level cities in Hunan, traversing tens of thousands of miles across most parts of Hunan, to install and provide training for more than 100 sets of DR and ultrasound equipment.

Even though several hospitals were not prepared for the installation, Lanmage staff overcame all the difficulties and completed the batch project, installing all the devices while maintaining the quality level, and did all of this 2 weeks ahead of schedule. This project has helped the ordinary people of Hunan gain easier and quicker access to healthcare brought by high-quality life science and technology!

“Good job Lanmage!”

Lanmage was highly appreciated for its high-quality service. Both, the end users and the third-party after-sales company praised Lanmage for its products and service.

“I have never seen such a manufacturer like Lanmage, which has maintained consistent high-level quality in a batch project. Even a 3 cm wire was wrapped in a casing pipe,” said a person from a third-party after-sales company who specially came to view and learn about the installation. 

“The engineers began to help us dismantle the machine and modify the circuit in the morning. It’s already 11:00 pm, and you are still working overtime. Thank you so much!” said the director of a hospital in Huaihua. 

“They are not talkative, but honest, and just keep working hard. The Lanmage engineers are really good!” The director of a hospital in Liuyang was highly impressed by the professionalism of the Lanmage engineers.

“Lanmage DR generates very clear images and is easy to operate, and is much better than our earlier equipment,” said the director of the radiology department of a hospital in Loudi. 

“The Lanmage ultrasound system features smooth operation, practical functions, and generates clear images. It is very convenient to use!” An ultrasound clinician gave a thumbs-up to Lanmage after using the Smart Series color ultrasound! 

  • First product deliveries made under Lanmage Hunan Basic Level Subsidy Program

  • Installation site

  • Assure every customer with professionalism and dedication

  • Engineer debugs color ultrasound parameters

  • Professional and in-depth ultrasound installation training

  • Professional after-sales and reliable services

  • Unite to fulfill a shared mission

  • Successful product delivery at a hospital in Liuyang

  • Successful product delivery at a health center in Liuyang

  • Successful product delivery at a health center in Zhuzhou

  • Successful product delivery at a health center in Changsha

  • Successful product delivery at a health center in Loudi

  • Successful product delivery at a hospital in Yiyang

  • Value every mission