Create the future together—Lanmage gets ready to creating greater success with partners in Shenzhen


Work together with partners in Shenzhen towards greater innovation

On July 6th, Lanmage’s agents from all over China came together to participate in Lanmage’s national channel agents conference themed—“Get together to create the future”.

The partners visited Lanmage’s exhibition hall, and the marketing manager gave a detailed introduction to Lanmage’s achievements in independent innovation, research and development in radiological and ultrasound solutions, market development, brand building and other aspects, in recent years.

The partners gained a comprehensive understanding of the new dynamic flat panel DRF detector and desktop ultrasound series launched this year. They also reviewed the brand-new notebook color ultrasound, flat panel color ultrasound and other mobile ultrasound devices, and showed great interest in trying them out personally.

Chen Jing: Lanmage is full of vitality and has a promising future

General Manager Chen Jing said in her speech that according to third-party data, Lanmage’s market share and comprehensive brand ranking in radiography and ultrasound applications in 2018 had seen a significant increase.

“Lanmage will continue to increase R&D investment, focus on mobile ultrasound market, and expand ultrasound application scenarios. It will promote smart and AI-diagnosis equipment, implement and develop an imaging cloud, offer assistance in the development of basic medical treatment, and integrate community-oriented medical equipment with cloud services in the real sense.”

“Lanmage could not have been as successful as it is today, without the trust and support of its partners. The road to build a domestic brand is long and hard, and Lanmage would like to work with more partner agents to together build a stronger path to success.”

Zheng Jie: Build a high-quality brand with reliable quality

Deputy General Manager Zheng Jie gave a detailed introduction to the company’s research and development, production, service and other achievements in recent years, as well as future product planning.

Zheng Jie said, “The product is the basic requirement for the survival of an enterprise, Lanmage defines 2019 as the year of quality, wherein, we will launch an all-round quality reform for the entire industry chain, from R&D and production to service, and strive to shape the brand image in the hearts of users through higher quality and better experience.”

Establish a channel system with agents as the core

Chen Su, Manager of Channel Management Department, gave a comprehensive introduction to the channel management policies and key work points for 2019.

Chen Su said, “Lanmage will build a system with agents at its core, and will further define service and management, and protect the interests of partner agents. The Channel Management Department will play the role of referee, coach and backup, coordinate and mobilize various company departments, provide partner agents with training support, help them open a window to more hospitals, conduct market promotion activities, etc., to help partner agents rapidly develop and expand.”

Yao Jianfeng: Adhere to independent innovation to improve domestic products and make them more powerful 

Yao Jianfeng, Director of the Medical Engineering Department of Shenzhen University General Hospital, gave a keynote speech titled, “Hospital Equipment Procurement Process and Key Points”.

Director Yao is optimistic about the development of medical devices in China. He encouraged Lanmage, which maintains a high level of innovation and has strong manufacturing capabilities, to make full use of the good industry environment and government support, to speed up development.

Zhang Lihua, President of Lanmage Medical Group delivered the closing speech,“Recently, the trade war between China and the United States has once again showed us that only by mastering core technologies can China remain invincible in the world’s competitive landscape. There is still a long way to go to revitalize the medical cause of the nation. Hopefully, all of us in the entire industry chain can work together to create a new future!”

  • Visitors carefully review full ultrasound product series

  • Smart Series color ultrasound captures attention

  • Chen Jing gives closing speech

  • Deputy General Manager Zheng Jie introduces the company and product plan

  • Share the moment, plan the future

  • Chen Shuo, Manager of Channel Management Department, introduces channel policies

  • Yao Jianfeng from Shenzhen University General Hospital gives a keynote speech

  • Zhang Lihua: Rejuvenate national medical devices with enthusiasm and passion!

  • Zheng Jie presents awards to outstanding agents

  • Director Wu Dong presents awards to outstanding agents

  • Outstanding agents share their experience

  • Director Lin Jianghong answers questions

  • Visit to the cutting-edge ceiling suspended DR production line

  • Partners are keenly interested in suspended DR