Work on yet another tough project— Lanmage launches 200 sets delivery project in Hunan


Lanmage launches batch delivery project in Hunan

Recently, Lanmage officially launched the “subsidized 200 DR and ultrasound equipment delivery project to community-oriented provincial level medical institutions in Hunan, in 2019”.

This is the second time since 2018 that Lanmage has set out to help make Hunan a healthier place, with its excellent quality and service.

For two consecutive years, Lanmage has provided more than 300 sets of DR and ultrasound equipment for 10 prefecture-level medical and health institutions in Hunan, helping the steady and comprehensive improvement in the level of community-oriented medical and health services in Hunan.

Forge ahead and fulfill every mission  

Located in the transition zone between the Yunnan-Guizhou plateau and Jiangnan Hilly Region, Hunan features complex landforms with many mountains, hills, slopes, etc. The 10 prefecture-level community-oriented hospitals are mostly located in remote mountainous areas, far from each other, and have poor accessibility. 

In 2018, Lanmage’s service engineer overcame tremendous difficulties and completed the installation and delivery of 132 sets of DR and color Doppler ultrasound equipment within just 31 days, well ahead of schedule. Lanmage won many accolades for its excellent service by the users. 

This year, the installation project involves 198 sets of equipment within 60 days, and covers even more hospitals. Despite the road ahead being even more difficult, Lanmage’s service engineer resolutely bellowed their determination to “Forge ahead and fulfill every mission”, at the oath-taking rally. 

Strictly control every detail, provide all-round guarantee  

Lanmage’s head office has attached immense importance to this project, and to ensure all DR and color Doppler ultrasound equipment are delivered on schedule, it has set up a special team and formulated a pragmatic plan covering production, packaging, transportation, installation, training, etc., to strictly control every detail. 

To ensure the equipment can be shipped out on schedule, the production team made advance planning, and prepared enough stock of materials. Furthermore, strict standards were implemented for production, assembly, testing, etc., to ensure 100% ex-factory pass rate.

Finally, with the joint efforts of all the team members, nearly 100 sets of DR and ultrasound equipment were delivered within one week. It was a good start for the smooth implementation of subsequent deliveries.

To ensure equipment safety during transportation, the company hired a professional logistics team with rich experience, and assigned special personnel to keep track of the equipment in the specially arranged vehicles until they reached the final destination. This ensured each device safely reached the designated hospital.

Ensure excellent quality and timeliness by maintaining highest standards

For installation and delivery, the customer service team first assigned experienced engineers to carry out onsite survey. After comprehensively taking into account the specific situation of all the hospitals, a high-quality and highly efficient optimal installation roadmap was created, and equipment installation and training at each hospital was conducted as per the highest standards.

Furthermore, every technician underwent intensive training, covering equipment functions, parameter settings, clinical application and maintenance, etc. Various aspects were sorted out and standardized in a targeted way, so as to ensure that each device can be optimally utilized in community-oriented hospitals.

It is just the beginning of Lanmage’s vision of “Clarity for life” in Hunan. To learn more about this wonderful project, please pay close attention to our follow-up reports. 

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