Lanmage’s DR in Shiye Town Health Center becomes an online sensation—CCTV reports on it again


CCTV reports on Lanmage’s DR 

“Shiye Town is a small island town on the Yangtze River, in Dantu District, Zhenjiang, Jiangsu Province. Early in the morning, villager Hu Hongxia visits the town health center and takes an X-ray of his wrist as he is suffering from pain. Earlier...”

At 7:09 p.m. on October 9th, Lanmage’s DR was once again showcased on CCTV 4’s China News. This is the second time that Lanmage’s DR in Shiye Town Health Center has been covered by CCTV, following the first instance in 2014. 

In the program, CCTV reporters carefully and comprehensively introduced Shiye Town’s achievements over the past few years in ensuring accessibility of high-quality medical resources and solving the problem of high cost of medical services for ordinary people. 

As the main equipment at Shiye Town Health Center and Zhenjiang First People's Hospital, the program showcased Lanmage’s DR.

Shiye Town—A pioneer in promoting “Healthy China”

Immediately after an x-ray is taken, it is sent to a Grade III Level A hospital in the city, and the diagnostic results are available within minutes...

Earlier, “diseases were a terrible problem, and so was the traffic”, but now the diagnosis and treatment services of a Grade III Level A hospital is available locally, giving residents of the island such as Hu Hongxia a great sense of joy and peace of mind. 

“It’s much more convenient and can immensely save time and labor, and the devices are also upgraded...”

More than telemedicine, Shiye Town Health Center has also strengthened information interaction with higher-level hospitals via services such as appointments for medical treatment, electronic medical records, and a WeChat platform for physical examination systems. It has also established 6 joint clinics on cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, etc. with high-level medical groups. Professional staff are assigned at fixed time intervals to cater to the Health Center, for diagnosis and treatment services. 

Now, the island’s residents can enjoy the same medical services as the city’s residents without stepping out of the town. 

The start of these transformations can be traced back to the year 2014. 

"Without national health, there will be no comprehensive well-being"

On December 13th, 2014, President Xi Jinping visited Shiye Town Health Center. President Xi pointed out: "Without national health, there will be no comprehensive well-being"

He also stressed that efforts should be made to promote the downward shift of the focus of health care, take medical resources up to the basic level, ensure a balance in basic public services for urban and rural residents, and truly solve the problem of expensive and inaccessible medical services for grassroots people. 

Yuan Runzhi, the Head of the Center and Director of Radiology Department, remembers every moment clearly. “President Xi heard our work report in the Registration and Guidance Hall. He then walked into different departments, carefully inspected the medical devices, and inquired the medical staff about patient examination, treatments, drug prices, health conditions of villagers, etc."

During President Xi's visit, Lanmage’s DR device provided under the 2014 Jiagsu Centralized Purchasing Project was also inspected. 

Lanmage’s DR has performed exceptionally well and is appreciated 

Five years have passed since. Keeping in mind President Xi’s instructions, Shiye Town Health Center has continued to deepen reforms and has finally become a medical reform demonstration base for town health centers. 

The Center’s Head Yuan Runzhi who has witnessed these changes, continues to work at his position, and diligently handles all patient x-rays on a daily basis. 

Lanmage’s DR, which was installed years ago, continues to work reliably. 

The Center’s Head Yuan Runzhi, is generous in his praise of the product: “Personally, I think Lanmage's DR is quite easy to use, and I’m quite happy with it! The images are sharp, and the operation is smooth. In the past five years, there have only been two minor failures, which were quickly solved.”

“It is necessary to have good tools to do good work. Lanmage’s DR is a valuable tool in safeguarding the health of residents on the island! It's excellent!” 

Promoting “Healthy China”, paving a “Healthy Road”

Health is the common pursuit of people as well as an important symbol of happiness for the people. Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the country has made immense efforts to promote "Healthy China”, and to eliminate medical care difficulties and high expenses faced by ordinary people, and to make medical resources accessible for more people. 

Building this “Healthy Road” requires concerted efforts from all sides such as the country, medical institutions and the medical industry. 

As a professional medical imaging solution supplier, Lanmage has always adhered to "independent innovation" and continues to contribute to "Healthy China" with excellent product quality and services!

Chen Jing, General Manager of Lanmage, expressed his feelings: “Though the road to independent innovation is extremely tough, all Lanmage staff are determined and have a clear direction, because this is the only path to achieve the great vision of ‘Created by China’!”

“Healthy China, rise up together! We're so proud that we are a part of this process!” 

  • Shiye Town Health Center, Dantu District, Zhenjiang, Jiangsu Province

  • Chief Yuan speaks highly of Lanmage’s DR

  • President Xi Jinping visits Shiye Town Health Center.

  • President Xi stressed:"Without national health, there will be no comprehensive well-being."

  • National Medical Reform Demonstration Town-level Health Center

  • Photo of Chief Yuan and Lanmage staff