Lanmage holds 2020 Spring Festival Annual Symposium and year-end Commendation Conference


Chen Jing: Making Positive Breakthroughs, Innovating for the Future

Chen Jing, General Manager of Lanmage, delivered a summary report titled “Making Positive Breakthroughs, Innovating for the Future”

Chen Jing said that in 2019, Lanmage had maintained high-speed growth with annual sales of both radiology and ultrasound products showing remarkable remarkably improvement. According to third-party data, installations of Lanmage DR products in 2019 has leaped to the 4th position from the 7th in 2018. 

Chen Jing also said, “In future, Lanmage will focus on the field of medical imaging and use ‘market saturation’ as its strategy. At the same time, we will attach immense importance to expanding the overseas market. We should dare to swim against the tide for greater breakthroughs.”

Zheng Jie: A Thousand-mile Journey Begins with the First Step

Zheng Jie, Deputy General Manager of Lanmage, delivered a keynote speech titled “A Thousand-mile Journey Begins with the First Step”, wherein, he introduces the company’s development strategies. 

Zheng Jie said, “In 2020, Lanmage will establish a project-oriented management system and work on innovation and transformation in several aspects such as products, services and marketing, and will prepare itself to enter the high-end product market.”

Cao Zeliang: Work Pragmatically and Practice Diligently to Build a Time-honored Brand

As a wholly owned subsidiary of Lanmage, Shenzhen Shenchao Transducer Co., Ltd. jointly held the annual conference with Lanmage for the first time this year. Cao Zeliang, General Manager of Shenchao, delivered a keynote speech at the conference. 

Cao Zeliang said that Shenchao had been profitable for 15 years since its establishment and achieved new heights in 2019. From probe maintenance, production to independent R&D, Shenchao has gained a lot of knowledge and experience, and has tremendous growth potential in the future. 

Zheng Lihua: Join Hands for an Even Brighter Future

Zhang Lihua, Chairman of Lanmage, addressed the gathering at the event and mentioned, “Today, we witness a great gathering and the coming together of Lanmage and Shenchao for the Spring Festival, like a big family. With the tremendous achievements both sides have made so far, we are bound to share an even brighter future.”

The company also presented commendations and awards to staff who made excellent contributions and performed exceptionally in 2019, at the conference. 

  • General Manager Chen Jing delivered a summary report

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  • Deputy General Manager Zheng Jie delivered a report

  • Cao Zeliang, General Manager of Shenchao, gave a keynote speech

  • Zhang Lihua from Lanmage gave the concluding speech

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