All Lanmage Staff Battling against COVID-19


Standing United—Fighting Challenges

No one ever dreamt that 2020 would begin this way. 

The epidemic spread from Wuhan to other parts of China, but love and hope from all over China is giving strength to Wuhan.

In this national fight against the epidemic, we have witnessed the greatness and selflessness of those who are in the frontlines battling this disease, as well as the courage and persistence of ordinary people. 

At Lanmage, we also have such a group of colleagues. Despite the fears and worries, they have boldly marched forward shouldering an important mission and working bravely along with the heroes dressed in white.

The Lonely Spring Festival

Lanmage engineer Mr. Pei received a mission to complete an installation at a hospital on the very next day of the Spring Festival. Without hesitation, he bade farewell to his loved ones and immediately drove to a hospital in Zhejiang Province. It was midnight by the time he finished his work, and then is when he finally took a break to eat his first meal of the day. 

Over the following two days, he visited several hospitals to handle equipment installation and maintenance and ensure stable equipment operation, while facing tremendous potential risks. 

After he successfully completed all of these missions, he found all the roads back home were blocked, and he had to spend the remainder of the Spring Festival holiday in a rented room. However, he feels it was worth it all. 

A Long Night

For Lanmage engineer Mr. Liu, the night of February 11th, 2020 was especially long. 

In his small car, Liu curled up in the back seat to sleep. It was a typical North China night, with the temperature dropping to -10℃. Though the car’s heater was running at top speed, the car’s cabin remained cold, and Liu spend a sleepless night. 

The day before, Liu had visited a hospital in Zhangjiakou to install the DR. However, due to some unexpected problems, he had to suspend the installation. 

Though it would have only taken him around 2 hours to drive back to his home in Beijing, due to the nationwide control measures, all hotels and inns were closed, most of the roads have been blocked, and special permits were required to use the expressway. To resume the installation as early as possible, Liu decided not to return to Beijing and spent the night in the car. 

As soon as it was dawn, Liu hurried to the installation site. After ensuring the installation was completed and the doctors could properly operate the DR, Liu left the site, with a sense of a great load lifted off his shoulders. 

“I Must Go However Afraid I Am, as It’s My Duty”

On February 1st, upon receiving an installation mission at Shaoyang Central Hospital, engineer Yin hurried to offer help. Shaoyang Central Hospital is a designated treatment hospital for COVID-19 and the designated rescue hospital for critical patients. 

To install the DR in the hospital as quickly as possible, Yin worked continuously for over 6 hours wearing protective clothes, without eating or drinking anything. After the installation was completed, he was completely drenched in sweat. 

To protect and ensure the safety of his family members, Yin isolated himself after he returned from the hospital. Though being worried and afraid, Yin spoke firmly: “I must go however afraid I am, as it’s my duty.”

Midnight Efforts

It was already evening when Mr. Sun, an engineer from Lanmage, reached the hospital after receiving an installation mission. To ensure the equipment was installed as quickly as possible, Sun ate a quick meal, donned protecting clothing and unpacked the equipment and started the installation. 

He completed the installation and training by 2 a.m. late into the night. He politely refused the hospital’s invitation to take a rest and immediately drove to the next hospital. 

Since the Spring Festival Eve, all members of Lanmage’s customer service team have remained dutifully at their posts. The have conquered their fears and worries and are going to the frontline battling against the epidemic and providing strong support to the heroes in white—the doctors, nurses and hospital staff—by fulfilling their own duties. 

Everyone Counts in the Fight Against COVID-19

The customer service engineers are on the frontlines, providing services to customers while facing tremendous risks, while departments such as production supply chain, R&D, marketing and administration are at the headquarters, offering firm backend support. The highly effective cooperation and coordination at all levels has just one goal—contribute everything towards winning this battle! 

To satisfy the surging demand for devices such as DR and install equipment at the hospitals as quickly as possible, some of the Production Department staff cancelled their Spring Festival holiday and have been working day and night. Though facing shortage of personnel, they have produced about 100 devices. 

The colleagues of the R&D Department have been working all night long to solve bugs and guarantee stable operation of the devices in the hospitals. Though it is a lot of hard work, they are happy. 

The Administration and HR Department are also making painstaking efforts to have the company resume work and offer assistance to areas in the midst of the epidemic, as soon as possible. 

There are countless such stories and heroes at Lanmage.

Join hands and fight and we will be victorious!

  • Engineer Pei at Installation Site

  • Engineer Liu in a hospital in Zhangjiakou

  • Installation by engineer Yin in Shaoyang Central Hospital

  • Shaoyang Central Hospital is a designated COVID-19 treatment hospital in Hunan Province

  • Engineer Sun debugging a device

  • The Customer Service Team successfully installed DR Device at Beijing Airport Hospital on the Spring Festival Eve

  • Engineer Wang providing onsite training on DR device at a hospital in Henan Province

  • Production Department staff work overtime to expedite delivery

  • Deputy General Manager Zheng Jie personally appears to guide the production team

  • Strict and all-round prevention and control inspections

  • Company provides preventive Traditional Chinese Medicine to the staff