Lanmage attracts strategic investment from Sinopharm Group – A large-scale state-owned enterprise


Sinopharm Group, a large-scale state-owned enterprise, makes strategic investment in Lanmage

Recently, Lanmage successfully joined hands with Sinopharm Group (Hangzhou) Investment Management Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Sinopharm Investment”), a subsidiary of Sinopharm Group, a leading state-owned enterprise in China’s pharmaceutical and health industry. Sinopharm Investment is an important platform for Sinopharm Group to develop investments in the field of healthcare. 

This marks another important strategic investment in Lanmage following the important strategic partnership with CEE. It is not only an affirmation of the painstaking efforts of all Lanmage staff over the past 4 years or so, but is also the turning to reality of the positive expectations that investors have held in the future of Lanmage.

Henceforth, Sinopharm Investment will become the official strategic investor in Lanmage and make concerted efforts with Lanmage to expedite the development of high-end domestic medical imaging devices. 

Sinopharm investment boosts Lanmage’s rapid development

Focusing on the overall industry chain in the broad field of pharmaceuticals and healthcare, both vertically and horizontally, Sinopharm Investment is devoted to ensuring the accelerated development of enterprises and medical institutions through financial support such as industry funding, direct investments, and investment financing. 

Lanmage is a professional and leading medical imaging solution provider in China with comprehensive experience in the field of medical imaging innovation. 

Based on the pursuit of common values, Lanmage and Sinopharm Investment will form a “Community of Shared Future”, and will supplement and complement their respective advantages in resources and technologies as they travel together on this new journey. 

Chen Kai, President of Sinopharm Investment, said, “Sinopharm Investment has been working diligently on developing the broader health industry layout for years, with deep insight in the medical device industry and rich industry resources. Lanmage has remarkable advantages and strength in terms of innovation, steady strategic deployment, and expanding market coverage as well as a vigorous never-give-up spirit. We strongly believe that they will make great achievements in the future, and we’d like to join hands with them to build an even brighter future together!”

Shoulder the responsibilities for the dreams

Chen Jing, President of Lanmage, said, “Sinopharm Investment’s trust in Lanmage increases our responsibilities towards shareholders, employees, the industry, and society. We will continue to bear these responsibilities effectively and turn the pressure to motivation as we look to create more value.”

President Chen Jing also added, “After receiving this investment, Lanmage will continue to expand its investment in innovation and reward customers, shareholders, and employees by creating more value for them, and benefit more social groups with cutting-edge products, technologies, and information-based medical solutions. It is our objective to have more people enjoy a healthy life.” 

Lanmage, is like the giant eagle spreading its wings to soar into the wide blue sky. We are prepared to climb new heights! 

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