Smart Portable and Universal

P Series Portable Black & White Ultrasound Diagnostic Device

Spectacular Performance
Portable Display

The P Series ultrasound diagnostic apparatus is a portable full-digital ultrasound diagnostic device developed by Lanmage, with completely independent intellectual property rights. The P Series is light and practical and features excellent picture quality, simple and fast operation and has a classy design, allowing you to make quick ultrasound diagnosis anytime and anywhere.

P-series host imaging technology advantages: Advanced digital signal processing technology, digital multi-beam forming technology, digital dynamic frequency scanning technology, real-time point-by-point dynamic acceptance focusing technology, real-time dynamic aperture imaging and real-time dynamic acoustic beam apodization.


Human-centric Design

· Light weight, compact, easy to carry, hand-held design
· Touchscreen operating system for quick diagnosis
· High-resolution anti-glare LCD monitor for improved diagnostic accuracy
· Special clipboard function and USB interface for fast image storage and review
· Integrated ultra-long life lithium battery to ensure long-term power failure backup and dual AC and DC use