Sharper Images
Innumerable Applications

Mirror2Color Doppler Ultrasound Diagnostic System

An ultrasound diagnosis solution tailormade for Chinese hospitals

Mirror2 integrates excellent image quality, innovative clinical applications and efficient workflows, providing a whole-body application-based ultrasound solution that can fully satisfy professional diagnosis requirements of hospitals.

HMPCP heterogeneous multi-core computer platform: Multi-core processing to improve system operation speed and stability, reduce system failure rate, improve real-time image performance, and realize more convenient and quicker operations. The innovative application of HMPCP not only improves image quality, but also lays a solid foundation for subsequent new technology integration, platform technology migration and system upgrade.

Innovative image optimization technology: Independently developed Lan SRI speckle noise suppression technology, Lan SCI spatial composite imaging technology, Lan TSI tissue-specific imaging technology, PIHI pulse reverse harmonic imaging technology, Lan Touch one-button optimization technology, etc., comprehensively improves image quality.


Innovative Technology Platform

CW continuous Doppler: Conducive to measurement of high-speed blood flow in the heart 

Color M-type: Immensely important in measuring left ventricular blood flow velocity in early diastolic and evaluating left ventricular diastolic function for hypertensive patients

Cardiac Heart Simpson Method: Improves accuracy of new functional measurements for coronary disease or marked cardiac enlargement

3D/4D multi-section imaging technology: Adopts latest generation real-time 4D volume probes and imaging technology, to meet the needs of a variety of clinical applications such as gynecology and obstetrics. 

Tissue Doppler Quantitative Analysis Function: Adopts Doppler principles to transform tissue frequency shift and observe tissue motion state in a qualitative or quantitative manner.