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Benefiting the Public

EX20 Color Doppler Ultrasound System

Make ultrasound image technology common

EX20 Color Doppler ultrasound system is another masterpiece by  Lanmage, making ultrasound imaging technology more common and accessible to the public, while improving the level of ultrasound diagnosis. The R&D team has extended new technology to practical products and fulfilled the brand mission of “Bringing Medical Benefits to More People”.

With innovative imaging technology, diverse clinical applications, intelligent operations and ergonomic design, the product can easily satisfy the daily ultrasound examination requirements of hospitals and clinics, and create more value for medical institutions.


Innovative Technology Platform

· HMPCP heterogeneous multi-core computing platform
· PIHI pulse reverse harmonic imaging technology
· Frequency composite imaging
· SRI intelligent speckle noise suppression technology
· TSI tissue-specific imaging technology
· Intelligent one-button optimization