Simplify Complexity
Intensify Simplicity

EX20  is based on a simple and smooth operation design concept. With practical functions and simple and compact design, it makes complex operations simple and convenient, without affecting performance.

The ultrasound examination efficiency is enhanced with functions such as quick examination interface switching, automatic blood flow optimization technology, Doppler automatic angle correction technology, real-time frequency spectrum envelope measurement and automatic imaging parameter capture.


Innovative Technology—Popularizes Application

The LanSRI speckle noise suppression technology uses different noise suppression and structure enhancement processing features, based on the characteristics of different tissues, to improve the resolution of image details. The PIHI pulse inverse harmonic imaging technology extracts wideband harmonic signals to minimize noise and improve the spatial resolution of the image, and digital oversampling technology is used to significantly improve 2D image resolution, color blood flow sensitivity and spectrum capture capabilities.

Ergonomic Design

EX20 are designed with satellite ring keys, have a flexible recessed operation panel and an ergonomically designed omni-directional articulated arm, which helps reduce muscle fatigue for doctors. The product is slim, compact, smart and light weight. It can be easily moved, and is suitable for various clinical environments.


Diverse Applications
Easy to Operate

With diverse clinical functions, EX20 can fully meet daily examination requirements for the abdomen, in the gynecology department, obstetrics department and emergency department and provide practical, useful and easy ultrasound application solutions for doctors.

Independent display screen

Real-time spectrum envelope measurement

Clipboard function

Lithotripsy positioning function