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Mirror 8 Touch Color Doppler Ultrasound Diagnostic System

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Mirror 8 Touch is a new whole-body application-based color ultrasound device developed by Lanmage. Mirror 8 Touch adopts a new GPU platform and has a number of advantageous imaging technologies, excellent 2D images, sensitive blood flow information and practical quantitative analysis software, providing a comprehensive ultrasound diagnostic solution for different departments.

The GPU platform is a new generation high frame rate, all-focus software beam forming platform, which utilizes multi-core parallel computing. It supports parallel computing of massive amounts of data and has powerful scheduling, management, and coordination functions that can greatly improve imaging processing speed and machine stability and extend clinical applications to a wider range of fields.

Mirror 8 Touch

Excellent Technology
Exceptional Performance

Ultra-wide frequency fusion imaging
High-resolution fine blood flow imaging
LanSRI image post processing technology
Dual mode elastography