Intelligent Effective and Smooth Operation

With diverse practical intelligent measurement software, CV40 provides a smooth and easy to use daily experience for all departments. 

· Adaptive sound speed optimization and signal correction technology: Automatically obtains the local optimal sound speed of the organs, and significantly improves local image resolution.

· Intelligent one-key optimization: Intelligently optimize parameters such as 2D, color and spectrum, to obtain the best imaging effect with one key.

· User-defined design: Based on the usage habits and scanning requirements, customize various parameters and preset them to simplify the operation workflow.

· Post-processing of raw data: Multi-parameter adjustment, measurement and calculation of stored images significantly improves scanning efficiency and quality.

Mirror 8 Touch
Mirror 8 Touch

Whole-body Application with All-round
and Diverse Functions

CV40 provides comprehensive application solutions and divers and powerful functions for cardiac, obstetrics and gynecology, blood vessel, superficial, abdominal examinations and other body examination requirements. Diagnosis is a lot easier with accurate and accessible clinical data.

Three-dimensional ultrasound spectrum Doppler imaging: Enables more accurate diagnostic evidence for early detection of cardiovascular disease and hemodynamic analysis.

Intelligent stereo light and shadow imaging: Select different angles for light and shadow irradiation and live-mode imaging of the fetus.

Automatic measurement of carotid intima: Quickly and accurately measure the thickness of the intima while simultaneously measuring and analyzing the anterior/posterior wall intima.

Real-time wide-field imaging: Real-time moving probe scanning imaging to observe the tissue structure of larger organs, such as blood vessels of the extremities.