Akso Premium


1、Three motion control modes

2、Four exposure ways

3、Support FPD in-tray charging

4、Equipped with anti-collision system

5、Equipped with manual motion mode

Akso Premium

Infinite Possiblities

Optional accessories
-Virtual grid
-Barcode scanner
-Visualization module:
Remote monitor
Remote imaging

Remote exposure

Robust Endurance

1、Built-in Lithium Battery

-Sopports 24-hour standby

-Supports travel up to 57Km

-Supports completing 1000 exposures

2、Built in two motor drives

Akso Premium

Lightweight and Compact

-Lighter than similar products

-Super slim body-55cm width

-Collapsable column and telescopic arm design

-Height of column only 135cm 

Akso Premium