Major Project: Installation Series in Mongolia


From May to August 2022, the after-sales engineers of Lanmage went to Mongolia to provide installation guidance and training for hospitals. In this journey, they have gone through many difficulties, whether it is the severity of the epidemic or the hardship of the environment, it is always our aim to provide customers with accessible service.

The types of machine installed this time included Ceiling Suspended DR and Fluorography System. They were installed in Ulaanbaatar, Chechergrad, Zamyn-Uud and other cities in Mongolia as the government bids for Lanmage in 2021. 

Ulan Bator Maternity Hospital

Maternity Hospital is a relatively large public hospital in Ulan Bator, the agent had already installed the equipment before we arrived. However, our engineers found that the doctor was confused about the operation of the equipment for ordinary and fluoroscopic exposure, resulting in exposure under the condition of unstable dose. 

After the training, the doctor was satisfied with our images quality and took the initiative to ask for a group of photos.


Cheergrad has a population of about 10,000, and there is only one hospital in the city. Before installing our Ceiling Suspended DR, they had been using a Floor-mounted CR for many years, our equipment was their first DR.

Our machine was put into use on the day it was installed. Compared to the previous machine, it is more convenient to operate, and saves a lot of time. Doctors and technicians appreciated the easy operation of our machine and the high quality of images.                              

In addition to the two cities above, our after-sales team also went to cities such as the Altai Mountains and Zamyn-Uud for installation guidance. All our machines were installed in public hospitals, and the doctors and technicians in the hospitals were satisfied with the quality of our machines.

Since the government bore most of the cost, many people came to the public hospital for examination. What the hospital asked most about the function was whether a film can print multiple  photos at the same time, so as to save the number of films. The machines of Lanmage meet the needs of hospitals.

Although the way to Mongolia this time was full of difficulties, when we saw the doctors in the hospital compliment our machine, we realized the true meaning of this departure. 

We are proud that the machine of Lanmage played a pivotal role in building health care capabilities around the world.