Luna mini

Intelligent Compression
Comfortable Examination

Intelligent flexible compression technology: The compression plate can automatically adjust the compression speed based on the actual condition of the breast tissue, ensuring optimal comfort during compression.

Quick release technology: After completion of the exposure, the compression plate is immediately automatically released, to reduce discomfort for the patient.

Luna mini

Mini DR—Can be Loaded in Examination Vehicle

Luna mini is a "mini" device in the real sense. It adopts a unique lifting column structure design, which can reduce its height to half the height of an adult human.

The compact and light design simplifies installation, ensuring the product can be widely applied in various environments such as medical examination vehicles, mitigating the time and space constraints.

One-key Positioning
One-key Recovery

One-key Positioning: Multi-functional keys for near-table movement can easily achieve one-key positioning. Position switching at your fingertips, ensuring smarter and faster operations.

One-key recovery: One-key system recovery function, comprehensive user authorization management, prevent data loss and ensure data security.

Luna mini

One-key Exposure
One-key Power On-Off

With one key operation, the system can automatically complete all scanning steps based on the preset scanning task workflow. One-key exposure optimizes the workflow and improves efficiency. One-key power on/off simplifies the traditional power on/off process, using novel power distribution technology (PDU), and realizes easy and convenient operations.

Luna mini