Continuous Innovation for Women’s Health

  • Advanced configuration X-ray tube and high-frequency high-voltage generator, provides high-quality X-rays with sharp and stable images.

  • Mo / Rh filter switching technology can automatically select the optimal anode/filter combination based on different tissue types and densities, reducing the amount of radiation.

  • SMART AEC automatic exposure technology: Shorter exposure time, higher image contrast and greater sharpness.

  • 24 × 30 cm large-size flat panel detector: Meets the need to scan different body positions, has smaller pixel size, higher spatial resolution and lower signal-to-noise ratio.

Luna mini
Luna mini

Comprehensive Display, Sharper Imaging

The innovative Luna imaging technology mitigates the problem of superimposed tissue structures in traditional imaging, ensures the images are clear and free of motion artifacts, accurately locks the fine tissue structure and micro-calcification points, and improves the quality of tomographic images. 

  • Noise Suppression and Enhancement Based on Tissue Density and Morphology (DPE): The system supports correlation analysis of tissue density and noise. The integrated tissue and morphology-based image enhancement technology captures sharper tissue images.

  • High-quality Fluent Imaging (HQFI): Unique image algorithms and powerful image post-processing functions meet all digital clinical diagnosis requirements. The system supports image gray balance processing, and automatic optimization, enhancement and display functions are closely combined with the image acquisition process.

  • Diagnostic Vision Optimization (DOO): The visual adjustment function outputs high-quality images, while improving visual comfort when viewing the images and reduces visual fatigue.