Lanmage yielded usually brilliant results at CMEF in Shanghai


New brand showcased extraordinary talent in the main pavilion

From October 29th to November 1st, 2016, the 76th China International Medical Equipment Fair CMEF, the largest medical device exhibition in the Asia-Pacific region, which attracts a lot of attention from the industry, opened at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center.

Shenzhen Lanmage Medical Technology Co., Ltd. made its debut at CMEF with a brand-new image, and its innovative achievements attracted many visitors to its booth in the exhibition hall.

Spectacular Apollo Pro on display

The busiest area of the booth was the Apollo Pro section, where Apollo Pro’s intelligent automatic positioning technology was being demonstrated. Intelligent positioning is becoming a vital technology, as it can save 80% time in clinical operations, which can greatly improve medical care efficiency.

The Apollo Pro tube can automatically move to the preset SID based on the position of the chest radiography frame and flat panel detector, ensuring quick and accurate positioning. It is also equipped with automatic whole-bone splicing software and vertical splicing frame, which can quickly and automatically complete multiple continuous exposures and complete whole-bone splicing. The Bull-head design touchscreen, wireless remote control, key  control enable doctors to avoid frequent access to the computer room and reduce their workload. 

New product launch: Muses Pro dual-column DR

On the same day, Lanmage launched its latest innovation achievement: Muses Pro dual-column DR. Muses Pro  column adopts a ground rack structure, providing a wider SID film range. The column can realize ±180°flexible rotation, and the flat panel detector can move up and down within a large amplitude.

It can easily complete radio imaging of the human body from multiple positions and multiple angles, and patients in stretcher beds or wheelchairs can also be directly imaged without the need to remove them from the bed or wheelchair, comprehensively meeting the daily radiology examination requirements in hospitals, clinics and physical examination centers.

The highly intelligent and smooth workflow, automatic tracking, precise positioning and touchscreen control enable doctors to free themselves from burdensome equipment operation and pay more attention to patients.

Touchscreen color ultrasound: Extreme images are within reach

In terms of ultrasound diagnosis, Lanmage also demonstrated an innovative solution: Touchscreen desktop color ultrasound. This is a comprehensive ultrasound clinical solution developed by Lanmage, based on in-depth insight into clinical needs.

The highly sensitive intelligent touchscreen can help doctors efficiently conduct a variety of gesture-controlled operations, including image browsing, amplification, measurement and customization, which can help optimize the workflow to a great extent.

The leading imaging technology and innovative probe technology can improve image resolution and penetration and improve doctors’ confidence in diagnosis. The customizable intelligent examination protocol and standardized examination process can reduce repetitive operations by doctors. Various automatic measurement tools also make several operations easier and faster.

In addition, diverse cardiac evaluation and analysis functions, automatic obstetric measurement technology, 3D/4D multi-section imaging technology, automatic measurement of endovascular media, wide-view imaging technology, elastic imaging technology and other new technologies have become a magic weapon for the comprehensive clinical application of touchscreen color ultrasound.

Notebook color ultrasound: Comprehensive application available anytime and anywhere

The compact and smart new notebook color ultrasound system also attracted the attention of visitors. The product’s lightweight body and its integrated high-speed signal processing platform with multi-core processor, greatly enhances imaging efficiency.

With excellent image quality, powerful functions, diverse probe selection, human-centric portable design, it can meet imaging requirements for heart, blood vessels, abdomen, obstetrics and gynecology, superficial organs, nerves and musculoskeletal organs, small organs, and has also expanded the application of ultrasound imaging to the ICU/CCU, intervention, intraoperative period, emergency and other emerging fields, achieving a new breakthrough in ultrasound application.

The ultrasound examination room also attracted a large audience, who got a chance to take a closer look at the quality of ultrasound images and the application of new technology. Lanmage’s innovative achievements were praised by one and all. 

Endless innovation—Continuous highlights

Athena Pro dynamic DR, Luna breast DR, Akso mobile DR and high-end desktop color ultrasound were also on display at the exhibition. 

Both, Lanmage’s radiography and ultrasound application solutions offer optimal images, improve the quality and efficiency of medical care, and share the benefit of life science with the public. Let’s join hands to promote the development of the national medical device industry and create a healthy China.

  • Lanmage launches completely new brand

  • Constant flow of visitors to the booth

  • Showcase a caring, professional and innovative brand image

  • Visitors learn about suspended DR

  • Visitors learn about ultrasound application solutions

  • Ultrasound examination room: Optimized images

  • Apollo Pro: First fully automatic suspended DR from China

  • Athena Pro: First dynamic DR from China

  • Muses Pro: Fully meet radiology requirements

  • Touchscreen color ultrasound: Improve diagnosis and treatment efficiency

  • Notebook color ultrasound: Extend ultrasound applications