Several Lanmage products were rated as “Excellent Domestic Equipment”


Rated as “Fourth batch of excellent domestic medical equipment products”

The selection of the fourth batch of excellent domestic medical devices, commissioned by the National Health Commission of the People’s Republic of China and led by China Association of Medical Equipment was completed recently. After strict review by an expert panel, several Lanmage DR and color ultrasound diagnostic systems were selected as part of the fourth batch of excellent domestic medical equipment products.

On July 20th, China Medical Equipment Conference held the certificate awarding ceremony in Suzhou. Cheng Deke, Manager of the Ultrasound Marketing Department, accepted the certificate on behalf of Lanmage.

Among the selected excellent domestic devices, the radiology solutions include Apollo Pro (6900) ceiling-suspended DR, Apollo (6800) ceiling-suspended DR, Akso Pro (6000A) mobile DR and Akso (6000B2) mobile DR. The selected ultrasound diagnostic systems include Smart series Mirror 5 Touch, Mirror 2 Touch, Clear series TP55, CK35, Mirror series Mirror 2 HD, and Benefit series EX 20.

The selection of excellent domestic medical equipment involves strict assessment of the enterprise’s comprehensive strength, product’s technical parameters, clinical application evaluation and other indicators. A full line of Lanmage products were successfully selected, which can be attributed to Lanmage’s consistent innovation, continuous R&D and transformation of technological achievements. Lanmage has developed core independent intellectual property rights, and cultivated an R&D team that is combat ready and innovative, through efficient and orderly management.

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