Lanmage achieves great success at CMEF Shanghai


Three new products have spectacular launch

From May 14th to 17th, Lanmage launched several new products at the 81st session of CMEF in Shanghai. Lanmage confidently displayed its professional, innovative and caring brand image, as well as is innovative radiography solutions, diverse ultrasound application solutions and medical imaging information solutions, leaving visitors to Lanmage’s awestruck. Lanmage also had a grand new product launch for three brand new ultrasound and radiography solutions, which saw a steady stream of visitors to Lanmage’s booth.

Wen Daxiang, CPC Secretary of Leading CPC Members’ Group and Director of Shanghai Food and Drug Administration, Hu Kunping, Managing Director of Reed Sinopharm Exhibitions, Zhao Zilin, President of China Association of Medical Equipment, Zhao Yixin, President of China Association for Medical Devices Industry, Guo Qiyong, Vice President of China Association of Medical Equipment and President of Imaging Branch of Chinese Non-government Medical Institutions Association, Feng Xiaoyuan, President of Medical Group Branch of Chinese Non-government Medical Institutions Association, and Li Bin, Chairman of Assets Management Department of Shanghai Shenkang Hospital Development Center and Medical Engineering Branch of Chinese Medical Association visited Lanmage’s booth and cut the ribbon to unveil the launch of the new products, making Lanmage’s new products the focal point for all visitors.

Akso Plus—world’s first constantly powered-on intelligent mobile DR

Lanmage launched its fourth generation mobile DR Akso Plus, with the pioneering plug and play standby power supply, the world’s first constantly powered-on intelligent mobile DR.

In terms of human-computer interaction and intelligent security, Akso Plus adopts the globally pioneering facial recognition login technology, voice interaction system and fingerprint unlock for the flat panel detector.

Akso plus is equipped with a built-in advanced DAP system, which can evaluate the entrance surface dose of the subject, to ensure acquisition of clear images at a low dose, which is a unique environment friendly and safe feature for such a device. 

Mirror 8 Touch: Faster and clearer

Mirror 8 Touch adopts the brand-new GPU platform and several superior imaging technologies, with exceptional two-dimensional images and sensitive blood flow information, and has practical quantitative analysis software, providing a brand-new ultrasound diagnosis experience for different departments.

The GPU platform is a new generation beamforming platform with high frame rate and full focus software, and possess a multi-core parallel computing structure. It supports parallel computing of massive amounts of data, and has powerful scheduling, management and coordination features, which can greatly improve the imaging processing speed and overall stability.

Mirror 8 Touch incorporates multiple independently developed imaging technologies, including ultra-wide frequency fusion imaging technology, LanSRI speckle noise suppression technology, high-resolution fine blood flow imaging, dual mode elastography, etc.

Mirror 8 Touch can fully meet application needs of clinicians for general physical examination covering the heart, obstetrics and gynecology, blood vessels, superficial organs, abdomen, etc., with diverse and powerful clinical applications. It includes automatic echocardiography, intelligent stereoscopic imaging, automated IMT measurement, puncture enhancement technology, etc., providing rapid and accurate diagnosis.

Brand new notebook color ultrasound: Greater portability, comprehensive features

The brand-new notebook color ultrasound is specially developed for use by emergency personnel, for bedside treatment, rehabilitation and community-oriented general examination and other POC clinical applications. Utilizing a fully aluminum magnesium alloy design, the product is simple, yet strong and durable, and suitable for multiple rapid examination scenarios and applications.

The 15.6-inch HD widescreen display can automatically adjust brightness based on the ambient lighting, whether indoors or outdoor, and can quickly switch to the best display state. With the simple and user-friendly interface and the smart backlit operation panel, doctors can quickly find the right buttons to press.

With the GPU processing platform, unique patented imaging technology, fine imaging effect, and diverse and practical clinical applications, such as real-time wide-view imaging and pressure-sensitive elastography, it is a good helper in POC applications.

In the field of obstetrics and gynecology, its intelligent four-dimensional and volumetric imaging, automated obstetric measurement and labor monitoring functions help doctors observe the growth and development of the fetus from multiple angles, with accurate growth data.

In terms of musculoskeletal examination and anesthesia, its puncture needle imaging enhancement technology, the upcoming puncture guidance technology and 10MHz high-frequency probe, can help doctors quickly and accurately locate target blood vessels and tissues, thus effectively reducing pain for patients.

The product is equipped with two large capacity batteries with 3-hour super long battery life, ensuring there is no need to interrupt examination to replace the battery. An industrial-grade solid state hard drive, which requires only 15s to boot up, allows doctors to quickly conduct trauma assessment and treatment anytime and anywhere, even for an outdoor diagnosis.

In addition, it is equipped with built-in WI-FI and Bluetooth modules, which enabling connecting the device to a wireless network and the medical cloud at the press of a button; the product supports cloud backup of patient information, examination data and image video, and facilitates remote real-time diagnosis by doctors. At the same time, it also supports remote online upgrade, online maintenance, etc.

Luna and Luna mini showcased on the same stage

Lanmage demonstrated its innovative strength and leadership in mammography in China, at its booth. Luna, one of the first breast DR with independent intellectual property rights used in TOMO 3D tomography breast DR, was showcased together with Luna mini, the small and compact breast DR, which is suitable for use in examination vehicles.

The breast DR adopts the brand new large-size flat panel detector digital imaging technology and has excellent imaging system, generating clearer images. With intelligent one-button operation, one-button positioning, one-button exposure, one-button recovery, the product can improve examination efficiency. The intelligent and flexible compression, automatic compression, quick release and other human-centric design offer a better examination experience. 

Athena Plus DRF : Multifunction and more clear 

The brand-new Athena Plus DRF was also quite popular with the visitors. The product adopts the new dynamic flat panel detector acquisition system, which can not only realize large-size high definition DR radiography, but also conduct large-size and full-width (17 x 17 inches) high-definition fluoroscopy and angiography examination.

Athena Plus DRF provides larger size dynamic image acquisition. Athena Plus dynamic image acquisition can reach up to 17 x 17 square inches, providing 77% more coverage than the 9-inch circle of the traditional CCD, thus ensuring no area is missed during the examination.

At the same time, it can capture more accurate images. Due to their structure, CCD image intensifiers create distortions in images, which is not conducive for accurate measurement, however, there is no distortion in DRF images, thus it offers better precision. Moreover, DRF’s visualized DR radiography can realize precision radiography in real-time dynamic observation, effectively avoiding the problem of lesions being covered up in conventional DR blind radiography.

Connect the world, predict the future

At this session of CMEF, Lanmage’s solutions on display included the Apollo Pro ceiling-suspended DR, handheld ultrasound, flat panel color ultrasound and other ultrasound mobile series. Lanmage comprehensively demonstrated its desire to develop future technologies and connect the world, as it constantly welcomes changes and innovations with its confident and open attitude!

Zheng Jie, Deputy General Manager of Lanmage Medical Technology Co., Ltd., said in an interview with a professional media outlet that Lanmage will adhere to the path of independent innovation. The company has mastered core technology, and 10% of its annual sales are invested in research and development every year. So far, Lanmage possesses more than 400 national patents.

In future, Lanmage will stay true to its mission, adhere to the concept of “sharing a healthy life with more people”, follow the spirit of originality, persist in innovation, master independent intellectual property rights, conduct in-depth exploration of medical imaging solutions, and popularize high-end life science and technology.

  • Lanmage launches three new products

  • Grand opening of the new product launch event

  • Key industry figures and experts praise the new products

  • Zheng Jie says that Lanmage will continue to innovate

  • Fabulous launch of Akso Plus Mobile DR

  • Mirror8 Touch designed with brand new GPU platform

  • New notebook ultrasound: Thinner and faster

  • Innovation in ultrasound development—the hand-held ultrasound

  • Handheld ultrasound creates a breakthrough in ultrasound examination in terms of time and space

  • Mirror8 Touch captures vibrant images

  • Ultrasound Marketing Department personnel explain the innovations of the Mobile Series

  • First ever electrically driven intelligent mobile DR in the world captures the audience’s attention

  • Apollo suspended DR—a smarter DR

  • New Athena Plus DRF keenly appreciated by visitors

  • Athena Plus optimizes digital gastrointestinal and DR integration

  • Luna breast DR sets benchmark in the industry