In South Sudan, Lanmage advances forward with the peacekeeping force, in the face of gunfire!


Military coup in Sudan makes the situation in South Sudan extremely tense

On April 11th, there was a military coup in Sudan. Sudan’s Defense Minister Ben Oif announced that President Omar Al-Bashir had been arrested. The situation in South Sudan, which had a stand-off with Sudan for a long time, was also extremely tense.

On April 20th, Lanmage’s engineer Ye, flew to Wau in South Sudan. He was going to the Wau United Nations China Secondary Hospital.

Muses Pro used for quick tests for the many who were wounded

At the time of the establishment of the 9th batch of Chinese peacekeeping medical team to South Sudan (Wau), in order to improve the local medical conditions, the troops purchased Lanmage Muses Pro dual-column DR. In hostile areas where the situation is highly volatile, the hospital is often inundated with many wounded people. To cope with large number of patients that can increase due to sudden violence, highly intelligent DR is the need of the hour, to quickly conduct tests. 

With its smart features, reliable quality and professional after-sales service, Muses Pro was selected to assist the peacekeeping medical team and improve the medical conditions of local people. Thus, we needed engineer Ye to visit Wau and install the equipment. 

Hurried to Wau from Juba in a tense environment

After arriving in Juba, the capital of South Sudan, and getting off the plane, engineer Ye could feel the tension in the air. The streets were filled with armed forces. The passers-by looked nervous, and no one knew what was going to happen the next moment.

Early the next morning, engineer Ye took a plane from Juba to Wau. Wau lies on the border between Sudan and South Sudan, where violence can erupt at the blink of an eye, leaving behind innumerable wounded. Cars loaded with weapons and ammunition roamed the streets, and sudden explosions were common. Due to the continued hostilities in the region, Wau urgently required better medical equipment to help diagnose the injuries of wounded troops and tribesmen and women.

After arriving at night, engineer Ye immediately went to the hospital’s under-construction machine room, to evaluate the installation conditions and work out the implementation plan. He continued to work late into the night, carrying not for the fatigue or jet lag that he felt.

Work with peacekeeping medical team to overcome difficulties

On the morning of the third day after reaching Wau, the installation work commenced. Engineer Ye together with the team members of the 9th batch of Chinese peacekeeping medical team to South Sudan (Wau), started the difficult equipment installation work.

Engineer Ye worked actively with the imaging doctors of the peacekeeping medical team, and configured the best image capture parameters, discussed the operation procedures, provided operation and maintenance training to maintenance technicians and shared his maintenance experience. Thanks to his professionalism and conscientiousness, engineer Ye was unanimously praised by the leaders and members of the medical team. 

Life science and technology from China developed by Lanmage

After a week of intense efforts, the installation and training work was finally completed on time, while ensuring the quality. Muses Pro was operating stably, and provided the doctors of the peacekeeping medical team with first-hand image data, enabling them to make rapid diagnosis.

In the camp, the peacekeeping medical team held a simple ribbon-cutting ceremony for the successful installation. Looking at the innovative technology from China developed by Lanmage, which would help accurately diagnose the wounded local citizens, everyone had a bright and proud smile on their face. The doctors from the peacekeeping medical team held engineer Ye’s hands for a long time, saying, “Thank Lanmage for its contribution to the healthcare needs of South Sudan, and thank Lanmage for providing such good equipment and such a professional and responsible engineer!"

  • Situation escalated—UN Peacekeeping Force vehicles on patrol

  • People from South Sudan outside the fence

  • Coup in Sudan, unrest in South Sudan

  • Temporary Airport in a shed

  • Peacekeeping Force Mission: Safeguarding world peace

  • Muses Pro installed in Chinese Level II Peacekeeping Hospital

  • Peacekeeping Force’s logistics department staff carry the equipment

  • Transport the equipment with bare hands under the hot sun

  • Join hands to promote healthcare development in South Sudan

  • Work tirelessly under 35℃ temperatures

  • Engineer Ye carefully installs the equipment

  • No rest on Labor Day to debug the equipment

  • Engineers and Peacekeeping Medical team successfully complete the task

  • Muses Pro DR for Peacekeeping Force in South Sudan

  • Lanmage successfully accomplishes the task with UN peacekeeping forces

  • “Thank you Lanmage for your great contribution to the people of South Sudan”

  • Lanmage will continue to care for and promote life improving technology