Lanmage exports 300 sets of DR to Mexico to combat COVID-19


COVID-19 is approaching the peak in Mexico

On the morning of June 10th, Mexico had 120,102 confirmed cases and 14,053 deaths cumulatively, an increase of 2,999 cases and 354 fatalities over the previous day. 

At present, Mexico ranks 14th in the COVID-19 infected cases' ranking list. WHO's regional representative for the Americas said that COVID-19 is approaching the peak in Mexico. 

The increasing number of social problems, including discrimination against healthcare providers, the surge in unemployment, and endless emergence of violence and conflict, have made the combat against COVID-19 in Mexico even more difficult!

Lanmage exports 300 sets of mobile DR to combat COVID-19

To control the spread of COVID-19 as quickly as possible and speed up the screening and treatment of COVID-19 patients, the Mexican government conducted an intensive selection process for mobile DRs from many countries in the world, and finally decided on procuring 300 sets of Lanmage’s Akso mobile DR.

Recently, with the joint efforts of the Production, Supply Chain, Research & Development, Commerce, and Logistics departments, 300 sets of Akso mobile DR have been delivered and formally shipped at one go! 

Do my best

Lanmage’s General Manager Jing Chen said during a ceremony to commemorate the shipment that, “As an enterprise with a strong sense of social responsibility, Lanmage is making every effort to contribute its own strengths and capabilities. During the Spring Festival, some of our employees voluntarily gave up their vacation, remained at their jobs, and ensured the timely delivery of equipment. At the risk of getting infected, our customer service engineers were at the frontlines across the country in the battle against COVID-19, and carried product installation and training, providing powerful support for medical workers. The entire staff took the lead in resuming work on February 3rd and made every effort to meet the sharply increasing equipment demand hospitals.” 

“So far, Lanmage has donated medical equipment worth nearly RMB10 million to Hubei, and has delivered more than 300 sets of DR and ultrasonic equipment to the frontlines across the country in the battle against COVID-19, and none of our staff has been infected. This is our success story.”

“Today, 300 sets of mobile DR have been delivered to Mexico to combat COVID-19. We will make every effort to provide support services to the local medical institutions, and help them win this war against the pandemic as early as possible.” 

Akso mobile DR—an effective means to combat COVID-19

Akso is the 5th generation mobile DR independently researched and developed by Lanmage. It has undergone extensive market testing and enjoys a good reputation in China and overseas. 

Akso mobile DR’s wireless exposure mode enables doctors to remain outside the ward while diagnosing or treating COVID-19 using the DR, effectively reducing the chance of cross infection between doctors and patients, and satisfies the need for radiography within the ICU, emergency department, and isolated zones. With exceptional power storage capacity, the product can support hundreds of exposures and move a distance of nearly 100 km on a single charge. Lightweight and compact, the product can flexibly move in narrow spaces and can be moved easily even by people who are not that strong physically. 

The 300 sets of mobile DR delivered will be used in medical health institutions in 32 states of Mexico, and will comprehensively help medical staff combat COVID-19.

Lanmage’s newly launched Akso Plus mobile DR will also be exported to Spain and Chile, after Mexico. Medical technology from China is making increasing contributions in this global battle against COVID-19. 

  • The COVID-19 outbreak has further aggravated social problems in Mexico

  • We have delivered 300 sets of mobile DR

  • And hope and pray that people will recover soon

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  • Akso mobile DR—embarking on a new journey

  • Come on, Mexico!

  • Our strong production capacity has ensured efficient global supply

  • 6300 mobile DR will be used across Mexico

  • The new mobile DR Akso Plus will be used in the fight against COVID-19

  • Lanmage is on a global journey in the fight against COVID-19