Exhibition: FIME 2023


Within the captivating ambiance of the renowned FIME, gracing Miami, Florida from June 21st to June 23rd, we embarked on an inspiring and invigorating three-day journey. This global platform provided us with an opportunity to connect with industry professionals, demonstrate our commitment to innovation, and establish valuable partnerships for a brighter future.

With over two decades of tireless pursuit of excellence, we have consistently pushed boundaries and driven revolutionary improvements in medical imaging. As one of China's pioneering practitioners in the field of medical imaging, we proudly showcased our state-of-the-art mobile DR and portable monoblock.

At FIME, we proudly showcased our innovative healthcare solutions, demonstrating the significant strides we have made in enhancing patient care. Our mobile DR systems, with their lightweight and compact design, robust endurance, and endless possibilities, offer unparalleled advantages for healthcare professionals and patients alike. The convenience and well-being that our products bring to the industry have been widely appreciated and celebrated.

Our dedicated team provided attentive and professional support. Visitors were captivated by the precision engineering of our remarkable equipment, which garnered admiration and sparked curiosity. Witnessing the positive reception from attendees further reinforced our dedication to delivering excellence and motivated us to continue pushing the boundaries of medical imaging.

Participating in FIME has not only elevated our visibility in the Latin American region but also allowed us to establish valuable partnerships with outstanding local agents. We are committed to expanding our reach and forming lasting collaborations. As we eagerly look forward to welcoming more exceptional distributors into our network, we are confident that together with our esteemed customers, we will achieve even greater success and deliver outstanding results.