Major Project: Installation Series in Turkey



In a groundbreaking development for Lanmage, a leading technology company specializing in medical imaging solutions,  has secured a major win by providing a 50 Digital Radiography (DR) unit project in Turkey.

Winning the 50 DR unit project in Turkey is a testament to Lanmage's dedication to innovation, quality, and global expansion. This victory positions Lanmage as a trusted provider of advanced imaging solutions in Turkey, paving the way for potential future collaborations and projects within the region. 

Mehmet, a local distributor said: "As far as I know, for the first time in 16 years, the Turkish Ministry of Health's centralized government procurement has chosen a Chinese DR brand; before that, it was Japanese, Korean, European, or local brands that won the bid."

Healthcare in Turkey

Turkey's healthcare system consistently meets and often exceeds international standards of quality and professionalism. The Turkish Ministry of Health places great emphasis on product quality and brand reputation due to the country's stringent clinical diagnostic standards.

Among the hospitals benefiting from Lanmage's DR solutions is the Kilis Prof. Dr. Alaeddin Yavaşça State Hospital, a central hospital that takes care of medical services for hundreds of thousands of people in the surrounding area. In February of this year, Turkey was hit by a 7.8-magnitude earthquake, and due to its close proximity to the disaster area, the hospital became the backbone of medical care for the injured in the disaster area. The fully automated DR installed this time can meet the department's demand for 300 shots per day, which greatly improves the hospital's workflow.

Lanmage's Global presence

Lanmage's footprint extends across more than 80 countries worldwide, with its advanced imaging solutions being adopted in medical facilities in Spain, Italy, Romania, Greece, Cyprus, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Algeria, Chile, Mexico, and numerous others.

As a medical imaging solutions provider, Lanmage relies on constant innovation and independent research and development. With trust, cooperation, and service, we are committed to working with distributors and healthcare professionals worldwide to overcome healthcare challenges and achieve win-win outcomes.