Exhibition:MEDICA 2023


Advancing Together: Lanmage at MEDICA 2023

From November 13th to 16th, 2023, Lanmage made a presence at MEDICA, hosted at the Dusseldorf Exhibition Center in Germany. Among the myriad of exhibitors that showcased their cutting-edge technologies and solutions, Lanmage emerged as a beacon of excellence, embodying the spirit of partnership and growth.

Professional Technical Showcase

From state-of-the-art medical imaging systems to groundbreaking diagnostic tools, Lanmage showcased a portfolio that not only reflects the latest in technological advancements but also demonstrates a deep understanding of the challenges faced by healthcare professionals.

Muses exp----Floor-Mounted DR System

The new Muse Exp product is the star of Lanmage’s stage. Its telescope movement can cover more positions than a normal fixed DR, especially in emergency cases. Besides,  its short floor-to-bucky center distance offers the best support for examinations of the knee and ankle.

Fixed Vet DR System

Another popular product is our veterinary fixed DR, which features a shared screen for display and operation and a 4-way floating table. With user-friendly interfaces and easy-to-operate functions, veterinarians can effortlessly adjust the position of animals, enhancing overall work efficiency.

Engaging the Audience

Lanmage believes that true progress is achieved through collaboration. This time, the unique customer interview section provided a platform for Lanmage to engage with industry leaders, healthcare practitioners, and fellow innovators. Through open dialogue and the exchange of ideas, Lanmage forged new ideas for product advancements to better solve clinical needs.

Global Collaborations

At the heart of Lanmage's presence at the exhibition was the company's core value, "Partners in Growth." This ethos was palpable in every interaction, demonstration, and collaboration that took place at Lanmage's booth. Lanmage is continuously committed to advancing medical imaging through innovative solutions and collaborative partnerships to drive positive change in the healthcare landscape.